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An expense is something that, over time, decreases in value. An investment, however, increases in value, and Christian education is certainly an investment. It will pay dividends, not only during your lifetime through your children, but through the principles and values that they in turn will teach their children.

Each family's tuition will be unique dependent on age and number of children. There are also family-specific details related to tax receiptable portions of tuition that affect the impact to your family budget. Contact us so we can help you understand how your situation would work. 

Here are the 2017-18 costs: 

Grade Monthly Notes
3 day JK/SK $611  Student attends M,W,F
4 day JK/SK $798  Student attends M,W,F + Tues/Thrs
5 day JK/SK $924  Student attends school full time
Full time (1 child) $924  Student attends school full time
Full time (2 or more children) $1019  Student attends school full time

*the above rates include a 20% discount for new families for the first 10 month period of enrollment

LCES owns and operates a bus service as an option (not requirement) for parents. 

Busing Option (2016-17) Monthly Cost  Details
Two-way $194.40  To and from school every day.
One-way $116.64  Consistently to or from school every day
Zone Rate $155.52

 To and from school within the area of Hamilton Rd, Crumlin,  Dundas St. & Highbury

Shuttle Bus $58.32  to and from London District Christian High School
St.Mary's $213.84  to and from school every day

The Bursary Fund

The  Bursary  Fund  was  established  for  the  purpose  of  distributing  financial  aid  in  the 
form of bursaries to families of London Christian Elementary School. Families who have legitimate financial need are eligible for assistance. Depending on the year and funds available, up to 50% of the value of tuition may be available. 

To enable the Bursary Fund Committee sufficient time to adequately consider all requests for assistance, applications should be received at registration or as early as possible. The application form will require proof of financial status, and parents must be willing to meet and discuss their application with representative of the committee.