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Our Discipline Handbook

It is the policy of the London Christian Elementary School to support and encourage the staff, students and parents in maintaining a school environment which is conducive to effective learning, fosters attitudes of mutual respect and trust, and promotes the stated aims of the school's Statement of Purpose.

Discipline is a part of the learning process that leads and nurtures a person to accept and live out discipline guidelines in thought, word and deed. Christian discipline of children is a means to assist them to develop Christ-honouring self-control, to recognize acceptable behaviour, to grow in respect for God, authority, peers and the rest of God's creation. In the development of self-discipline, the child becomes aware of his behaviour, accepts responsibility for it, looks for and takes corrective action (including restitution), and is reconciled. Through reconciliation, the child experiences forgiveness and learns to forgive.

The Christian approach to disciplining seeks to guide towards restitution and healing. The focus is on correcting a wrong and helping a student with self-discipline. The focus is not punitive but is on training a child in the way God wants us to live. Discipline is carried out with an attitude of love and concern. All those involved will be treated with dignity and respect.

This policy applies to all areas of LCES, including transportation, sports and any other area of the school in which students participate.

In June 2009, the LCES Board approved the final copy of the LCES Discipline Policy.
It is available for download here. Please note, it is in a PDF file.

Discipline Handbook This file is the LCES Discipline Handbook. Handbooks Download