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International Students

LCES is a Christian school in London, Ontario, Canada. The school provides an excellent Christian education to students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8. All classes are taught from a Christian perspective in which children learn to love God and His world. For several years now we have been blessed by having families from around the world attend this school. We are pleased that you are considering Christian education for your child.

By enrolling students from a variety of cultures and countries, we believe we will enrich the LCES community and develop a global awareness for all our students, which celebrates the diversity of God's world. Children from around the world are invited to enroll at LCES.
International Student Enrolment 

LCES Student Admission Policy
Any child may be admitted as a student to London Christian Elementary School, if it is evident that the parent(s) or guardian(s) have/has a sincere desire to educate such a child in keeping with the purpose of the Society, as indicated in the school's Constitution, and the vision and mission of the school. The London Christian Elementary School exists to educate children of parents who are sincere, active and committed Christians.

Enrolment in the school is open to children of Christian parents and or guardians who are members of the Society, subject to the conditions specified therein. No child shall be excluded from admissions on grounds of race, colour, ethnicity, gender, or national origin.

The enrolment of the children of non-member parents and/or guardians shall be subject to the approval of the Board of the Society in accordance with the accepted conditions and procedures set forth herein.

(LCES Admissions Policy April 2005)

Steps to Enrolment

  1. The parents or guardians must fill out an enrolment form for LCES, providing all necessary information, including a photocopy of the student's birth certificate, visa and passport. Both the parents and the guardians must sign the application form. See the International Student Enrolment Form. If applying for enrolment for more than one child, individual enrolment documents must be submitted for each child.
  2. The family must provide confirmation of their active Christian faith by filling in and signing the form provided. See the form Statement of Christian Faith. The Christian home is an integral part of Christian education. Therefore, students who are living apart from their parents may be admitted if they are provided with a home offering positive Christian nurture. Parents and guardians must sign a statement to this end. See the form Statement of Christian Nurture.
  3. The student's family must provide medical information attesting to the health of the student. See the Medical Information form.
  4. The $500 Administration Fee must be included with the Enrolment Form and is non-refundable. See the Tuition Fees form.
  5. After receipt of all required information, the LCES Board will make a decision with regard to acceptance at the school. Upon acceptance to LCES, a letter of admission will be sent.
  6. The family is responsible for applying for passports and visas, and must provide the school with copies of these documents.
The documents (listed under "Important Documents") have been put together to assist you in applying for enrolment consideration at London Christian Elementary School.
  • International Student Processstates the Vision and Mission of the school. It also explains the enrolment process and has additional guidelines to assist you in this process.
  • International Student Enrolment Form- provides us with all the information we need about you and your child.
  • Statement of Christian Faith- allows you to express your reasons for applying to a Christian school.
  • Statement of Christian Nurtureis a signed statement that you will provide Christian nurture for your child in the case where you might not be living in Canada.
  • Medical Information- is filled out by you as parent(s), and, you must attach a doctor's certification of health and immunization records.
  • Document Checklist for Families- lists all the necessary documents that you will need for enrolment at LCES.
May God bless you as you consider your decision about Christian education! If we can be of further assistance to you, please feel free to contact me at the school.

Stephen Janssen, Principal