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School Life

The Curriculum

When your children enroll at LCES they will receive an excellent education rooted in the Word of God. The Vision Statement of LCES states that we are “To educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful, Christian discipleship.” Our Mission Statement goes on to explain that “Through the curriculum, teachers encourage students to explore creation, to reflect on its wonder and brokenness, and to make responsible choices with the gifts God has given them.” God’s creation is waiting to be discovered by His children and our children’s gifts are waiting to be unwrapped in His service.

Our curriculum aims to create Christ-centered skill development of Ministry of Education curriculum. New concepts and ideas build on a Christian worldview and perspective. Each teacher plays a role to ensure that happens, and each student plays a vital role in the success of those goals.

School life consists of more than just academics though; we also have an active extracurricular and sports program. Students have the opportunity to participate in many fun, enjoyable and educational activities throughout the school year.

Areas of Study

So, what is Christian about our school's curriculum? Here are some of the main areas of the curriculum and how they are unique to a Christian school.

Language Studies
Language is a gift from God and it is how God communicates with us. We use language to communicate to others and to respond to God. Learning how to use language is the foundation for learning all other areas of the curriculum. At LCES students are taught structure of language, both in English and in French (Grades 1 through 8). They are taught to listen thoughtfully, speak articulately, read with a critical eye, and use their imaginations to write creatively.

Math is more than a series of random numbers. Did numerical order just happen, or did our Creator intend order to be present in all of creation? When students study mathematics, they not only learn mathematical functions at the appropriate grade levels, they also discover how God created order in the universe.

Physical Education
We serve God by using our bodies, and so we ensure a certain fitness level to carry out our service. All students have formal Physical Education classes twice per week, and students have the option of participating in intramural activities during school recesses. We also have a vibrant inter-school sports program which has our students participating in teams sports with other area schools. We encourage all our students to be physically active every day, both in school and at home.

Students become aware of how their bodies function and how to take good care of them. Age and grade appropriate lessons explain how God created us to interact with each other in Christ-like ways. Every grade participates in an anti-bullying curriculum, and each grade has weekly class meetings to discuss how students are interacting both in class and during recesses. God’s plan for living life in a healthy, faithful way is a key theme.

God’s people have a story and we are part of that story today. As students unfold the facts of history, they discover that God has been in this world forever. How did we get here, and what role do we as Christians have today? How can we as Christians make a difference? These are questions that students consider and experience as they study history.

Fine Arts
As God’s children, we have been made in the image of our creator. At LCES, students are given an opportunity to explore and develop their artistic capacity as they create. The creation and appreciation of visual art is a key component. Through regular music classes they learn more than the structure of music; they are given the opportunity to sing (JK – Gr.5) and play instruments (Gr. 6-8). Our bands and choirs perform at public functions such as the Christmas program and an annual Night of Music in the spring

Not only are biblical principles woven through all curriculum areas, but Bible is taught at LCES as a separate subject. In younger grades, students become better acquainted with God’s Word through Bible stories as part of their daily classroom learning. Students continue to study the Bible as a core subject in older grades as they examine how all of life fits into a Christian worldview.
Staff and students at LCES have a wide variety of technology available to them as possible tools for learning. Where valuable, in purposeful ways the use of projectors, computers, tablets, and on-line learning tools are used to prepare out students well. Digital literacy and skill competency is a key goal of our upper elementary students as we prepare them to live with discernment and wisdom.