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Policies and Procedures

Ridership Policy

The safety of the students riding our buses is always our first priority. We have lots of other priorities, but that one is always first and foremost.

No note - no ride

From time to time we have students wishing to ride on other buses than their own, or wishing to be dropped off at other stops than their regular one. To ensure safety for all students, please note the following:

  • Students must have written permission from their own parent(s) to ride a bus other than their own, or, in the case that they don’t normally ride the bus, to ride home with a bus friend. No note = no ride.
  • Our buses are almost at capacity. Please check with your bus driver prior to having a guest rider to find out if there will be room on the bus to accommodate them.
  • Written permission is mandatory. You may either email/text the bus driver or have your child give them a handwritten note. If it is easier, you can download permission slip to fill out, here.

We welcome guest riders warmly but we must ensure they have parental approval.

No note - no unscheduled stop

Students are discouraged from asking to be dropped off at alternate stops. Drivers have no way of verifying if such a drop-off is entirely safe. We will let a student off at an unscheduled stop if we have written permission from a parent. If the student will be getting off the bus at unscheduled stops on a regular or semi-regular basis during the year, then a general permission note is satisfactory. All parties are to be kept informed in writing of what is acceptable to the parents.

Absent Riders

Our drivers cannot be held responsible for riders who do not get on the bus. They will ask siblings and friends about absent riders, especially younger ones but they cannot account for students who do not get on the bus. Especially with smaller students, we work on the understanding that until they are in the custody of the bus driver, they are still in the custody of the school.

Bus Permission Form -Fall 2021 Transportation Download