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School Bus Rules

Rider Behaviour (excerpt from Transportation Policy and Procedure Manual, Jan 2016)

LCES Bus riders are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is in keeping with the faith values of the LCES community acting in a manner that is faith affirming, positive, pleasant and makes others comfortable while riding our buses.  In that respect, we expect the following from our riders:

  • Above all else, riders will strive to behave and conduct myself in a way that is in keeping with someone who is a follower of Jesus.
  • Riders will be polite and respectful in my behavior at all times, trying to build others up.
  • Riders will not tease or bother other riders, even that which is disguised as “just having fun.”
  • Riders will not use physical or emotional aggression of any kind.
  • Riders will not make use of any object that could injure another rider.
  • Riders will not engage in any behavior which makes other riders feel uncomfortable or threatened, whether physically or emotionally.
  • Riders will not make any rude gestures at other riders or at people outside the bus. 
  • Riders will not use offensive language of any kind.
  • Riders will not make hollering, screaming, or other sudden loud sounds all of which are potential safety hazards.
  • Riders will not yell out the window even to call out to or get the attention of friends, even when the bus is not moving or in a loading area.
  • Riders will respect the property of other students. 
  • Riders will not vandalize the bus in any way.
  • Riders agree that when I eat and drink on the bus and will be careful not to spill and if they do have a spill, they will do their best to clean up any messes they make.  They will not chew gum on the bus.
  • LDCSS students will not leave the grounds of LCES or disrupt the classroom activities of LCES during the transfer time between “shuttle” and my regular bus route.