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About Us

Our Educational Creed

On the foundation of God's infallible Word, the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, as explicated in the ecumenical creeds and the confessions of the Reformed tradition, we affirm the following summary of the mission of the Christian school.


The Christian school, as an, enterprise of the entire community, enables and equips all of its children to serve the Lord, to love their fellow human beings, and to care for God's creation. The school community provides an environment of love and care within which students are nurtured. As an indispensable partner with the home and the church, the Christian school leads children to live according to biblical wisdom.


Staff members of the Christian school, living in joyful fellowship with God, model the love of Christ to children. Empowered by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to tile highest standards of excellence and professionalism, Christian teachers view their work as a vocation. The calling of a Christian school teacher is to pass on the wisdom of the Christian tradition to students and to help them understand and apply the transforming power of the gospel to contemporary society and culture.


Children are God's image bearers, entrusted to parents and the Christian community as his gifts. The Christian school encourages students to develop their gifts in response to God and in loving service to fellow human beings. Students are led to know God and to respond to him in every dimension of the creation and in every aspect of their lives.


The Christian school curriculum is developed and organized so that children may come to know God more deeply and richly and live for him more faithfully. Since human experience in all its rich variety is a good gift from the Creator who remains involved in his world, the Christian school curriculum explores all dimensions of creation. God's design for the creation and his will for human society and culture must be understood and obeyed. This is the way of godly wisdom. Students are taught to recognize the brokenness that sin brings to God's carefully designed world and are challenged to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to a fallen world.