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For all your questions, we've got answers.  Take your time browsing through this page. Answers can be found by clicking on each link.  For any other questions you have, please contact  us.  We are excited to show you how London Christian Elementary School is what you are looking for in your child's education.  

  1. Who sends their children to London Christian Elementary School?
  2. Who operates the school?
  3. What organizations is LCES a member of?
  4. Do students participate in standardized testing?
  5. Do you have a dress code?
  6. I am interested in being involved and helping out at the school. What opportunities are available to me?
  7. Does the school offer any extra-curricular activities?
  8. What school educational programs do you offer?
  9. How do parents keep informed?
  10. Does the school provide transportation?
  11. Are the school facilities available for renting?
  12. How long has the school been in operation?
  13. How can I find out more? 

Who sends their children to London Christian Elementary School?

The LCES school community is made up of Christian parents who are looking for a school where the home, school and church all support each other. Over 35 Christian churches are represented at LCES by families who are enrolled at LCES.

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Who operates the school?

London Christian Elementary School is an independent Christian elementary school. It is operated by the LCES Society, which is governed by a school board, elected from supporting parent and community members. The school is funded by the membership and supporting community. As in incorporated not-for-profit organization, the society's purpose is the establishment, promotion and maintenance of Christian instruction in London.

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What organizations is LCES a member of?

LCES is affiliated with the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), a Christian school service organization based in Ancaster, Ontario. We are part of the Woodstock District of OACS, comprised of area Christian schools in Woodstock, Strathroy, Aylmer, St. Thomas and Clinton. The OACS represents over 70 schools (55 elementary, 15 secondary) with 700 teachers and 10,000 students throughout the province. Our school is also part of Christian Schools Cananda and Christian Schools International. 

LCES is designated as an independent school. In September 2000 we obtained recognition and assistance through Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) for students in independent schools who require health services.  Many students at the school receive some type of health service from CCAC, such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, personal support worker services, etc.

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Do students participate in standardized testing?

Yes. The school conducts formal testing of all students in Grades 3-8. The Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) is administered to all students in alternating years at these grade levels during even years. CTBS was last administered in October 2014. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that students are receiving and learning basic instruction in language arts, mathematics and cognitive reasoning skills. As well the CTBS serves to obtain a general indication of how our students compare academically with students in other Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and other students throughout Canada. The results of these tests are available to parents and are kept in the students' Ontario Student Record file (the OSR).

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Do you have a dress code?

The dress code for students goes by the following guidelines, and applies to students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8:        
  • School clothing should be neat, clean, modest and in good taste, and appropriate for the weather.
  • Shorts and skirts should be of an appropriate length and fit.        
  • Very low cut pants are not appropriate dress for school and may not be worn.
  • Tops and T-shirts should be modest and T-shirt slogans must demonstrate good taste, reflecting a positive message. For example, beer slogans, slogans with negative comments are not in harmony with school beliefs. Slogans on the bum of clothing are not permitted, or in other inappropriate places.
  • Bare midriffs are not allowed. The rule is that your top and bottom must meet when your hands are raised.  Undergarments may not be showing at any time.
  • Tank tops may not have narrow straps. The straps should be no thinner than approximately 3 finger widths.
  • Heavy make-up is not to be worn.
  • Hats may be worn to school, but may not be worn in school during class time.
  • Outside wear must be removed before class. Bring a sweater to wear in class if you tend to get chilly.
  • Indoor shoes must be worn at all times in school, properly laced up or fastened, and stored at school. They are not to be worn outdoors during recess.
  • Separate Phys. Ed. clothes must be worn from Grades 3 through Grade 8.  

Your teacher and/or the principal will make a judgment call about your clothing.   If you are found to be wearing clothes that do not follow the above guidelines, you may be sent home to change, or you will be given clothes to change into at school.

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I am interested in being involved and helping out at the school.  What opportunities are available to me?

LCES thrives and depends on its volunteers! We always appreciate the dedicated work and enthusiasm of those who give of their time. If you have any questions, please call the school office. Here are examples of various ways in which parents and community members can get directly involved with the school:

Building Maintainance: Whether it is as simple as painting or complex as repairing lights and plumbing, we are always looking for people to help us maintain our facilities and create an excellent, safe place for learning.

Library Volunteers: Volunteers help students find and check out books.

Fundraising Activities: A variety of activities are planned during the year (helping at a school barbecue, organizing a school bazaar etc.) Volunteers are always needed for these and other events.

My Neighbour's Closet: This thrift store sells clothing and other items. Volunteers are always needed. For more information call Helen Wedzinga (519-451-4334), the store manager.  Please bring gently used, washed clothing and other good quality items to the store during store hours, or leave them in the drop-off bin between the portable classrooms at the school.

A School Committee: If serving on a school committee or the school board interests you, please contact the principal. There are many opportunities for service at LCES.

Parents will be asked to sign up for volunteer hours in our new Volunteer Program. More information will be provided as planning for this program unfolds.

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Does the school offer any extra-curricular activities?

From sports to our Chess Club, from Student's Council to our sports teams, there is an extra-curricular activity to match a variety of interests!

Intramurals: Intramural programs begin in Grade 3 and continue through Grade 6, with different leagues for Grades 3-4, and Grades 5-6.Teams are composed of students in different classes, further emphasizing school community.

Chess Club: This is run during a nutrition break for interested students in grades 3-8.  It runs for approximately 8 weeks, culminating with a city-wide tournament.

Sports Teams: Our school participates in many sports. Our senior teams are made up of Grade 7 and 8 students. Our junior teams involve students from Grade 6 (and Grade 5 if needed). Our cross country team is for students in Grades 3-8. For more information, please see "Sports" on the SCHOOL LIFE page.

"Leaders in Training" or LIT is open for Grade 7 and 8 students. The leadership team is put together in September and they work to organize activities and cultivate school spirit in the school and explore leadership opportunities outside of the school. 

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What school educational programs do you offer?

The aim of the curriculum at LCES is to help students understand the world in which we live, so that they may respond obediently to God's call of service and discipleship. Teachers use a variety of curriculum series, textbooks, unit studies and other resources. Curriculum guides for all grade levels are available at the school. They explain the content of the subject areas, as well as thematic statements, and the methods used to teach the curriculum.

See "The Curriculum" and Curriculum Reviews

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How do parents keep informed?

Success for students often depends on good communication between the home and the school. For this reason, LCES has implemented the Weekly News. This publication goes home every Monday by email and is available on the school's website.  It contains important information about school activities, as well as the main homework for each grade.

Each parent receives the email address of their child's teacher. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, or if a parent and teacher need to meet, this can be arranged via email. We have found this to be a very effective method for the home and the school to stay in touch.

In addition to the Weekly News, each classroom teacher sends home a class letter on a monthly basis. These letters describe what units of study will be covered in each class, information about field trips, details about major projects, or any other information about which the parents should be informed.

The quarterly newsletter The Connector highlights some of the major events taking place at LCES. It is also used to promote the school in various churches throughout the city. The Connector is a way in which our senior members and those members who live far away can stay in touch with the news about the school.

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Does the school provide transportation?

Yes, see transportation using menu option above. 

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Are the school facilities available for renting?

The gym is available to rent for functions that range from family functions, sporting events and meetings.  Tables and chairs are available to use as well as the kitchen.  For further information on gym availability and rental fees, please contact the school office by phone (519-455-0360) or email (

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How long has the school been in operation?

For many years. See "Our History"

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How can I find out more?

Notice the banner at the top of our webpage containing our mailing address, phone number and email address. We would be glad to answer any additional questions you have, as well as mail out an Information Package.

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