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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Gift Card Fundraising Program? This page aims to answer those questions and show you how the program can work for you!  Take your time looking through it. Answers can be found by clicking on each question.  Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
What kinds of gift certificates are offered?
We offer many kinds. Please see the Gift Cards link for the complete list.  There is no expiry date on any cards.
How do I buy them?
You buy them for their face value either by paying cash, cheque or debit. For example if you buy $10 in gift cards, it will cost you $10 in cash. They come in various denominations depending on the type of gift card. For instance, No Frills gift cards come in $25, $50, $100, and $250 denominations and Canadian Tire gift cards come in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. You can purchase any amount of any kind offered.
Where and when can I buy them?

You can order them in person at the LCES gift card office, by backpack mail, sending an order to or through this website. We  have a separate office, staffed by volunteers that will be open Tuesday and Friday mornings (8:30-9:10 am) to handle your gift card orders. Orders brought to the office outside volunteer hours will be processed for the next day.  Orders can be paid at the gift card office by cash, debit, cheque or electronic funds transfer.

How do I use them?
You can use them the same as cash. 
How do the gift cards work?
These work on a declining balance. When you pay for your merchandise you will see the amount subtracted on your receipt and the balance remaining on the gift card. If you lose your receipt, you can call the number on the back of the gift card and you will be told the balance remaining on the card.
Why do I have to pre-order some of the gift cards?

We only keep on hand the most commonly used gift cards. All others need to be pre-ordered. All pre-orders placed and paid for by Tuesday 9am should go home with students on  Friday or can be picked up in the gift card office by 9:10 am. We keep many preorder gift cards in stock in small quantities for your convenience.

Can I get a sales receipt for business purposes when I purchase gift cards?
Yes, you can. Just indicate on your order form or when you call in your order that you will need one and it will be sent with your gift cards.
How does the school raise funds by selling gift cards?
Since the school buys in large quantities, it gets a discount on the purchase price of the gift cards. This discount is shared, with 60% going directly to fundraising and up to 40% available for the Gift Card Tuition Credit Program. Discounts range from 2%-20%. For example, at this time all our grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart and Tim Hortons give a 5% discount, Canadian Tire 4%, Moxies and Payless Shoes 10%, Roots 15% and Creation Book Store 20% (percentages are subject to change).
What is the Gift Card-Tuition Credit Program and how does it work?
Up to 40% of the monies earned through the discounts can be used as a credit against school tuition fees. You can use this for yourself or for another family that you might designate.  It can also be applied to tuition at LDCSS.  You can also designate T.A.F. (Tuition Assistance Fund) to receive the credit.   At the beginning of the school year or with your first purchase, you should be offered a form to indicate where you would like the funds to go to. 
How do I claim/receive the credit against tuition fees?

Each fall, you will receive a report that shows all the credits you have earned during the past school year. In addition, it will show any credits that may have been donated to your family by others.  Tuition credit will usually be applied to December’s tuition. 

My children will be starting school in the next few years. Can I start earning tuition credits now?
YES! Just purchase them in the normal way as outlined earlier, and indicate on your order which family is to receive the credit. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc can all designate your family as the recipient of the credit. You will receive an annual statement showing how much you have earned. All earned credits are to be applied towards the first year of school attendance. All unclaimed credits will go to the general fundraising account.