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About Us

Our School History

A short history of London Christian Elementary School:

The future begins:

They had a vision. In 1961, a small but dedicated group believed so strongly in Christian education that they started a school where children could begin to chart their courses in the world and make a difference for God.It was called London Parental Christian School to reflect the goal that their children, in partnership with family and church, learn to love and serve the Lord.

These early leaders were dreamers … wearing workboots. They may have started with just two classrooms and $654.64 in the bank – but with prayer and sweat and determination and an overflowing measure of God's grace, they built a school whose vision would last beyond them.


The future takes flight:

This little school grew in physical size: in steps large and larger, we added more classrooms, a gym, a library.

This school also grew in influence: its graduates became business leaders and community-builders who lived out their faith in their daily lives.

In 2008, we undertook our biggest expansion ever, a $3-million leap towards helping our pupils learn even better in the many ways God has gifted them.Our expansion campaign – we called it "Faith in Motion” – was also audacious; yet it is was a bold affirmation that God had blessed this Christ-centred learning well beyond our original vision and beyond our original walls.

Now we have a dedicated music room; a learning commons with computer lab area, conference rooms adjacent to classrooms; specialized rooms for JK and SK; and a spacious, welcoming entrance and office area. Students now enjoy use of 14 new or refurbished classrooms.

Along with the expansion came a name change -- to London Christian Elementary School -- that better reflects the more than 30 different congregations and faith communities from which our pupils come.

The future beckons now:

Our pupils come from across London and around the world; some from down the street, others from up the highway, across country concession roads or over oceans.

They value the quality of the education they receive -- the exceptional, qualified teachers and the wide range of programs offered -- and they prize especially how God is integrated into each facet of their learning.

We are excited about our today and hopeful for our future ... and we are grateful for our beginnings, in which God planted a seed among a few people and has shown Himself faithful for more than half a century.

"How can we ever express our gratitude for all these undeserved blessings?”

Peter DeKoter, one of the founder families, at the opening of London Parental Christian School, 1962