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School Life

LCES Staff


The staff at LCES are highly dedicated and energetic. All teachers are fully certified and qualified, as well as being committed Christians. We are grateful to the staff for their dedication to the profession and for their love of the students. All permanent LCES teachers have completed a teacher education program and are Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) and some also have a Christian School Teaching Certificate (CSTC). 

Teaching Staff

L. Westerveld, K. Bruinsma (RECE), K. Villalobos (RECE) - Kindergarten A

R. Stortz, J.Kim, C.Thornton (RECE) - Kindergarten B

A. Wassink - Grade 1

A. Martin - Grade 2

C. Groot-Nibbelink - Grade 3

N. Linker - Grade 4

M. Versteeg - Grade 5

S. Meyer - Grade 6

P. Bierman - Grade 7

C. Appendino - Grade 8

L. Dearing - Music/Band

K. Smeets - French/Kindergarten Outdoor Education

Support Staff

J. Gerber - Student Services Director

S. Gibb - Educational Assistant 

R. Rosefield - Educational Assistant

M. Rupp - Educational Assistant

A. Stanley - Educational Assistant

T. Wassink - Educational Assistant

C. Wilde - Educational Assistant


C. Bethel - Office Administrator

S. Janssen - Principal

A. Lise - Vice-Principal

K.Talsma - Financial Administrator