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Online Order Form
Wishing to order gift certificates or gift cards? Now you can send in your order online!  Follow these simple instructions and your order will be electronically sent in to the school and you will be notified.  The stores and restaurants available are not listed on this form, so if you are unsure of what is available, a printable form is on the page entitled "Gift Certificates".
Please follow these steps:
  1. Insert your name and contact information.
  2. List the first store/restaurant (that you would like the cards from) and the total amount of money requested.
  3. List the preferred denominations you would like. Once again, the printable form will have this information.
  4. If you require additional cards, follow steps 2 and 3 again.
  5. Fill out what family will be receiving the credit (if no family is listed, it will go to Fundraising).
  6. Fill out how the gift cards will be delivered or picked up. Please note that gift cards will not be given out without payment (cash or cheque).  You can send in payment with a student or bring it in yourself.
  7. Click Submit!
  8. The form is now sent to you via your email address. To ensure accuracy, you must confirm that you did fill it out. When you confirm your email, the order is then sent into the office.
Thank you for choosing to support London Christian Elementary School in this way!
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Gift Card Order Form 2023-2024 Gift Cards Download