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School Life


One of the main goals of London Christian Elementary School is to encourage students to serve in God's kingdom out of a love for God, their neighbours, themselves and God's world. We aim to foster a community of caring which is reflected in all aspects of the school environment. This care will reflect respect for God, His creation and the school community and will model and provide opportunities for students to practice what it means to live as followers of God. We also strive for this in the sports program.

To expose as many students as possible to character and community building through sports participation, a signup process will be used to form teams. Aiming to avoid situations of exclusion and isolation, we focus on open access, shared learning, skill development and team building for the enjoyment of all students.

As an elementary school, we do not see it as our role to only select students with certain aptitudes, specializing in a certain sport or a specific position within that sport. Rather, we seek to give students the opportunity to learn and to play all the sports available through the sports program. As such, all grade eight students will be invited to participate in team sports offered at LCES.  It is hoped that this will provide an enjoyable sports experience and encourage the individual skills and team play.   It is important that students learn to handle winning and losing appropriately. Given these opportunities within a structured school environment allows for valuable learning experiences.  The aim is to give all students experience in developing skills, playing as a team, and to develop and use their athletic gifts to the best of their potential. Occasions will be provided for students to enjoy sports and to glorify God through a variety of athletic activities.

Sports Seasons

  • Soccer - September, October
  • Cross-Country - September, October
  • Volleyball - October, November, December
  • Senior Basketball - January, February
  • Hockey - February, March
  • Junior Basketball - March, April
  • Badminton - April, May
  • Track and Field - May, June


Benefits of an Intramural Program

Intramural programs involve children and youth of all skill and ability levels in fun-filled physical activities where there is "something for everyone". The focus on inclusive activity for its own intrinsic value has a positive impact on how children and youth value physical activity. Children and youth, who have gained this positive appreciation for physical activity at school, are more inclined to participate in physical activity at home and on the weekend with family and friends.   Intramurals are fun! They are inclusive as they provide something for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, size, shape, ability, culture or socio-economic status.  They reach traditionally inactive students, even students with low skill levels. Intramurals can include a diverse range of activities that can be done daily, as well as provide opportunities for leadership development for children and youth. They also get children active daily and help to increase their physical activity levels.    

The LCES Intramural Program

Intramural sporting activities are offered in a variety of activities throughout the school year.  The purpose is to provide all students with an opportunity to enjoy an activity of their choice no matter what their level of skill.    Our intramural program is designed to reinforce such concepts and provide opportunities for students.  Intramural programs begin in Grade 3 and continue until Grade 6, with different leagues for Grades 3-4, and Grades 5-6. Teams are composed of students in different classes, further emphasizing school community. All students are invited to play, but participation is not mandatory. The only requirement is that students must participate if they sign up.  This fosters a sense of commitment and responsibility to fellow team members.  Intramural sports are more competitive than Phys. Ed. classes, but less demanding and competitive than competitive sports.   Emphasis is placed on participation and fun for all team members.  

Junior Intramural Activities

Grades 3-4 students may participate in these intramural activities: Soccer, Capture the Flag, Throwball, Speedstacking, Scooter Hockey, Dodgeball and Soccer Baseball  

Senior Intramural Activities 

Grades 5-6 students may participate in these intramural activities: Soccer, Capture the Flag, Volleyball, Speedstacking, Basketball, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee  

Activities will take place during the first nutrition break. Students will either participate on Mondays & Wednesday or Tuesdays & Thursdays.  

Student Referees & Teacher Supervision

Student referees are used for all teams. The Grade 6 students serve the school by refereeing the Grade 3-4 intramural activities The Grade 7&8 students serve the school by refereeing the Grade 5-6 activities. At the beginning of each sport, the staff rep for intramurals will meet with the refs for a brief training session. Teacher supervision is required for all games. Games will not begin until a teacher is present to supervise, guide and encourage the game.  

Physical Education Thematic Statement This file is the Physical Education Thematic Statement written in 2010. LCES Curriculum Download
Sports Policy This file is the LCES Sports Policy, revised in Spring 2010. LCES Curriculum Download