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What makes London Christian Elementary School unique? 

"As a grandmother, I am so blessed to have my grandchildren attend LCES. Each time I walk into the school, I feel the presence of God and I see the teachers extend God’s love to my grandchildren. They run to get hugs from them! I believe that they will carry into life all that they experience at LCES. I am thankful for the staff who have such a positive influence on these young lives and every day I say "Christian education is priceless.”  "

LCES grandparent

"We are very glad our parents made the decision to send us to this school. LCES is a place where we can freely talk about God and how he has his hand in everything we are learning, Whether it be math, science, geography or music, God is a part of everything we do."

LCES student

"One of the unique things about LCES, and also one of our favorite parts, is the interaction between the younger and older grades.  As a younger child, it gives you that special someone in the older grades to look up to and trust.  When you are older and it is time for you to be a buddy to a younger child,  it gives you a sense of responsibility, and leadership.  It is also a lot of fun to hang out with the cute little kids."           

LCES student

"The old saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child.  What a fantastic thing to have our children being taught the things of God at church, at home AND at school!  

Each and every subject oozes with a focus on how God is connected with that subject. God is not just for Bible class. Each week begins with chapel time. Each day begins with devotions and prayer. Each teacher loves the Lord."

LCES parent

"How great it is that we have teachers here who desire to provide a quality education. But more importantly we have seen first hand how the teachers seek to show the love of God to our children and help them live it out in their own lives."

LCES parent

"One of our children has had some behavioural hiccups and bumps at the beginning of each year. However, all the staff involved have handled the situation with grace and excellence.  They dealt with the behaviours head on, communicated clearly with us as parents, encouraged us and gave us hope that things would turn around.  They saw them as a child whom God could change and mold for his good. They found my child's strengths and built on them."

LCES parent

"We have come from our child visiting the principal's office the first day of school to our son flourishing and enjoying school greatly!"

LCES parent

“I first attended LCES back in 1982 when the school was still called London Parental Christian School, and now my youngest child has just graduated from grade 8. I have the utmost confidence that God is at work in this school and that loving teachers have equipped my children in faith with an unequalled foundation to go forth and face the world. I've been a proud supporter of the school for many years and will continue to support the Lord's work at London Christian Elementary School so that other parents will be able to send their children!”

LCES former student and former parent