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School Life

The Learning Spot

Our Resource Program

All children are a precious gift of God; each created uniquely and placed in our care. Children vary greatly in their ability to learn. Most children have an average ability, but some children learn much more rapidly than most; others learn much more slowly than average. Differentiated instruction makes allowances for physical, intellectual and psychological differences in students.

The Learning Spot is the resource/special education room in our school. Students that are experiencing difficulty are identified by the teacher, tested by the resource teacher, and if necessary are withdrawn with parental permission to participate in small group activities to help them learn at their pace and academic level. The primary students are involved in either a book club or small withdrawal group that focuses on reading, writing or math. The idea in the primary grades is to review what has been learned so far and to re-introduce the students to concepts they may not have fully understood during class. With different material and strategies, the resource teacher works with students to achieve their individual goals. Lots of practice of concepts taught help the student to feel more successful.

In the intermediate and senior grades some students also receive instruction in a small group setting in the resource room through withdrawal. In most cases, the students work with the classroom curriculum, but at a different pace and with different assignments to reflect the goals of these students. In other instances some students have their program modified to reflect their level of comprehension and ability.

The curriculum is modified or accommodated in the classroom for students that are on an Individual Education Plan. Students are identified through specialized testing done outside the school, but any student that needs the help of a special education teacher will receive this help without needing to be identified formally.

At LCES we advocate for inclusive education. Just as God sees all of us, no matter who we are as His children, so we at LCES strive to have all of His children involved in our Christian community.